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I am looking for a neoprene hood which has a smooth surface on the outside (esp around the face opening) so I can seat my FFM face seal onto the hood.

I almost have the perfect hood at the moment but there is not quite enough material in the cheek bone area - just needs to come forward another inch. It takes me a minute or so to get it right which is too long if you need to be kitted up and into the water quick.

Anyone know of a hood that might suit.

Just to try and make some of you jealous, I have just got back from a Mon to Friday dive trip to Normandy (Fecamp) with some guys from our Club (Out of Cinque Diving Club - Hastings). Excellent viz (although quite dark). All dives were in the 40 mtrs range and the last dive on the Lan Franc (mid channel) was 48 mtrs.

We had the excellent picture of Throbbin (YBOD) hanging below his DSMB on deco with a huge container ship steaming past some distance beyond. Due to the foreshortening effect of the camera it looks like he nearly got run down.

Also, got my first suck on a bit of Helium on the Lan Franc dive - wow, what a noticeable difference it made. No fuzzy head + I remembered most of the dive with some clarity

To those who dissed the O/Reef FFM
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