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  • The UK Diving Trade Show (organised by SITA) is the only UK 'trade-only' event for the recreational and technical diving industries. Join your colleagues who will gather at the Chesford Grange Hotel this December.

    Come to the UK Diving Trade Show on
    Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd December 2012
    The power of face-to-face networking and negotiating come alive at this event. Join other dive professionals on Sunday 2nd and Monday 3rd December 2012 at the Chesford Grange Hotel, Warwickshire.

    “I came to meet up with suppliers and other people in our industry. I found it useful catching up with industry personnel I've not seen in ages and the social side was great. It was well worth attending."
    Chris Wake, Christal Seas Scuba

    * Be informed * Be connected * Be successful *
    Who should attend?

    The UK Diving Trade Show is limited to trade professionals only. Neither the show nor the seminars are open to consumers.

    • Diving retailers and staff

    • Other ocean sports and related retailers
    • Shop Owners
    • Equipment Repair Technicians
    • Boat / Charter / Liveboard Operators
    • Dive Resort Operators

    • Sport and technical instructors and instructor trainers
    • Media, public safety, military and scientific divers / instructors
    • Dive Training and Certification Agencies
    • Dive-related environmental organisations
    • Dive-related professional photographers and videographers
    • Other professionals involved in the field of recreational and technical diving including Government Institutions, Associations, Advisory Bodies and Testing Houses
    • Manufacturers of recreational and technical diving equipment
    • Medical personnel involved with the care of diving disorders and hyperbaric medicine
    • Diving Press that reports on the UK recreational and technical diving market

    If you are working in the diving industry, whether it be part time at weekends, or full time, and you are an Open Water Instructor or above (from any agency), you ought to attend this if you can.

    Tickets start from £18 and are available here; UK Diving Trade Show 2012

    Please bring your instructor qualifications with you to collect your pass.

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    Sunday 2nd December, 2012
    UK Diving Trade Show Registration and Exhibition Opens
    Opening Address
    Vini Howlett, SITA Chairman
    Celebrate British Diving Week
    Bryan Stanislas
    Diving Incidents and Equipment
    Gavin Anthony
    What to do with the kit when it all goes pearshaped. This presentation will discuss how to handle
    equipment at the time of an incident (including a fatal scenario) and how the equipment may be

    Creative Promotional Filming for Dive Professionals and Dive Centres
    Bryan Stanislas
    Why you should you utilise above / underwater filming skills. This will include review of the basic
    kit required to create exciting and adventurous training and PR short films. The results should
    enthuse your clients, and augment your social media tool kit.
    Meet with exhibitors
    Why BSAC Snorkelling is the way forward
    Margaret Baldwin
    See just how easy it is to make snorkelling work for your business. The BSAC National
    Snorkelling Leader discusses why snorkelling offers low risk fun for those taking part, whilst
    being easy to each and a profitable income stream for you. BSAC will also be showcasing
    their new training and marketing materials.
    Lunch and / or meet with exhibitors
    Plastic Oceans - the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans
    David Jones
    The issue of pollution in our oceans has entered centre stage. Numerous NGOs and charities are
    trying to do what they can to resolve the issues. But just what are they and what can be done?
    Over the past two years the Plastic Oceans Foundation has been separating fact from fiction,
    producing a documentary slated or release in Spring 2013. This presentation summarises the
    issues. This does and will affect all divers and it is something we need to be involved with.
    The business of Freediving
    Emma Farrell
    DEMA have stated that freediving is the fastest growing section of the diving market. What is
    freediving and how can it help bring you more customers through your door and improve your
    bottom time and line? In this presentation instructor and author Emma Farrell share her
    knowledge on attracting a new breed of customer, discusses retail and kit required, and how
    freediving can offer new opportunities to your existing customers.
    Meet the exhibitors
    Five Point Prescription Marketing (Part I)
    John Carlin and Terry Johnson
    Unlock the hidden resources of your business utilising PADI's marketing tips
    The Lore of Diving - Unfounded beliefs in diving physiology
    Dr Neal W Pollock
    This presentation discusses some of the myths and misconceptions related to diving physiology
    and safety
    Meet with exhibitors
    Exhibition closes

    Monday 3rd December, 2012
    UK Diving Trade Show Registration and Exhibition Opens
    Opening Address
    Vini Howlett, SITA Chairman
    The Ideas Clinic
    John Carlin and Jim Standing
    Project Baseline - keeping your divers engaged
    Dr Rich Walker
    Want a tool to help keep your clients engaged, diving and active? Project Baseline is an ideal
    mechanism which ticks many boxes including research and the environment. Learn how you
    create your own one, or contribute to existing Baselines, and keep your divers diving.
    Meet with exhibitors
    Making diving accessible for all
    Fraser Bathgate
    Lunch and / or meet with exhibitors
    Concerns of the Aging Diver
    Dr Neal W Pollock
    Diving holds the attention of some for life and draws others at younger or older ages. The
    hazards of diving can change across the age continuum, from risk comprehension in youth to
    progressive declines in medical, physical and cognitive fitness that accompany increasing age.
    This presentation will review issues of concern for the modern diver and discusses interventions
    to favour a long and safe diving life.
    Scientific diving and the recreational scuba industry
    Dr Martin Sayer
    Scientific diving is a relatively small diving industry sector with limited financial influence. This
    sector is currently very dependent upon the predominant diving sector (recreational diving) for
    much of the technical innovation supporting basic diving. This presentation highlights where the
    recreational SCUBA industry has had a significant impact on supporting this essential and highly
    cost-effective tool.
    Meet the exhibitors
    Five Point Prescription Marketing (Part II)
    John Carlin and Terry Johnson
    Unlock the hidden resources of your business utilising PADI's marketing tips
    The Olympic Legacy, SCUBA and you
    Simon Lodge
    Meet the exhibitors
    Exhibition closes
    The BSAC Incident Report
    Brian Cumming
    Your opportunity to hear the latest trends regarding safety from this year's BSAC Incident
    Report. BSAC has been monitoring and reporting diving incidents since 1964. As a result this
    report has influenced the development of safe diving practices and is referred to worldwide.
    2012 Diving Trade Show closes

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