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Had an interesting day with Chez hayhurst doing a TDI Gas blending course, though Phil Ennis did the instruction as Andy was working with Paul AKA Mdemon on advanced nitrox.

Anyway the course was really enjoyable and informative as well as being useful in terms of making you understand the ins and outs of blending and sussing what you stick into your tanks.

A morning of theory and a great many formulas including a table effort that had Phil and I scratching our heads at times (it was the first time he'd run the TDI version of the course.) However, once we worked out it was actually the klingon formula for working out warp factors for a Proton drive (trekkie talk!) it was all plain sailing...

We spent the afternoon blending and checking tanks in a very practical and useful manner, managed to get my first two blends to within .1% of target and was getting cocky but then blew it by being 2 or 3% out on the next mixes. Hitting the desired mix spot on isnt as easy as it looks??

Anyway thanks Phil for a well instructed course, I am much impressed with andy's new training suite and his shop element, though as usual I owed him more at the end of the course than planned due to spotting the odd much needed bit of kit as usual. All I need now is 2 or 3 large 02 tanks for the garage and a decanting whip and Im sorted..

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