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Gav & Fi's Philippines' Dive Report

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There ya go guys - already started it for ya ;)

Glad to see you back and hope all went well - can't wait to read what you got up to (in the sea at least!)

Welcome back.
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Hiya Bren and all,

Yes we're back  - in body if not in spirit and almost ready to spill the beans on a fantastic dive destination.

I'll have a think and post a full trip report soon but until then here's a brief precis.

The Philippines is a fu*king long way away. Go to India - keep on going - a bit more - that's about it.

Is it beautiful? - Yes, verdant, delightful people, wonderful water, white beaches etc.

Cut the crap Gav, what's the diving like? - Very varied but high quality. Every thing from Nudibranchs to Sharks with everything in between. Octopus, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Spanish Dancers, Stone-Lion-Scorpion fish, Triggers - at least five different species, Baraccuda, Jacks, Trevallies, Grunts, Barramundi Cod, Flying Gurnards, Frog Fish, Sea Horses, Stargazers, Lobsters, Crabs, Sea Snakes, Pipefish, Flounders, Stingrays. I haven't got time for the corals right now but you can imagine.

What about the current and depth? - The Philippines has a reputation for current as many of its dive sites are fed but the South China Sea and we did get some absolute rippers to fly through. Depths ranged from 20m to 45m and viz went froma disappointing 5m on one occaison to a storming 25m on others.

What else? Well we met divers from at least 10 different nationalities including one from this very board doing his trimix ticket - Hi Paul. He's not back cos he's off doing his TDI Adv Wreck with John Bennett.

So, would you go again?  - Do bears deficate in forests?

When are you gonna tell us the rest? - When my jet-lag clears up a bit. A journey that consisted of a 70 min boat journey, 2.5hrs by car, a flight of 9 hours (business class admittedly) to Abu Dabi (four hour wait) and then and then another 10 hour flight to London followed by a short hop to Edinburgh needs a little getting over.

Back to drysuits and gloves and hoods ...

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Hi Gav and Fi,

good to see yer back safe and sound.  Can't wait to read the report and see some of the those piccies.

Please don't make the report too good tho.  I'm pig sick jealous of all of you zooming off to warmer climes with reports on how wonderfull it all was.  If you could just add a few 'bummer' moments I then then wallow in the warm cosy schadenfreude feeling brought on by severe envy!;)

Seriously tho, get yer report in and piccies to Heads for us all to enjoy.


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Hi Gav,

Can't wait to read the report.  So John Bennett (name dropper ;) )  Yep met him, real nice bloke.  So come on where did you stay

Was it Atlantis Resort at Sabang beach (Happy memories)

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Yep it was.

Thanks for the heads-up. I think you sent an email to Fi about Atlantis.

You're right about John. Nice guy and a committed and dedicated diver.

Atlantis is a delightful place - Sebang's a bit seedy in places but overall we had a great time.
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Hi Gav and Fi,

Yep your right it was all my fault.  Found the email I sent to Fi.

Glad you had a good time and if you are interested in a little momento,  I happen to have a short 20 minute video I put together.  All underwater, lots of beasties and critters, ribbon eels, nudibrancs, frogfish and of course the little flambouyant beauty.

If you want a copy, drop me an email with your home address and I will pop one in the post for you.  Glad you had a good time.

 Can't say I noticed :angel:
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hi Gav & Fi, glad to hear you got back ok, it is a long way, but worth it ehh! Im still here for another week n arf, finished my course in Subic it was a tad scary to say the least Ill give you the details later, just glad theres no smell underwater!!
Ill send a post when Im back in blighty,on a computer with letters on the keyboard, but hey you cant have everything.
Regards to all at YD, Cheers Paul
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Nice one mate - I'm looking forward of your tales of Bennet blindfolding you and spinning you round ... and the diving course.

Let's meet for a dip when you get back ... you can dive mix and I'll spend the  helium money on beer !!!
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