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Hi all,

Two issues to report with downloading the dives from my Suunto Gekko:

1 - It does not appear to work with SDM It connects to the Gekko ok, but will not recognise any dives upon it. I had to revert back to SDM 2.3.0. Mercifully, 2.3.0 will 'read' the backup file I created in Has anyone else had issues with this version of SDM with a Gekko, or is it just me?

2 - All was fine with 2.3.0, then I upgraded, had the above problem, downgraded, and now it is "missing" some dives off my Gekko when it downloads. It seems to randomly miss a couple of dives when it downloads. They are there on the Gekko, but SDm will not see them at all...

Is it just me..?

PS - Many thanks to those on YD that pointed out the download capability of the Gekko. However, it is pointless giving you 'green' as I do not have 50 posts, yet.

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I too have some issues with SDM.
The best road to take (for me anyway) is I started with the old version (GUI) v1.6 - not as nice as v2.x - but this is what I use to keep all my dives etc.
Then - I started SDM v2.x and have upgraded over the last few versions. If any update screw up the data - I have the old 1.6 data. You can import from 1.6 to the 2.x versions, but I have had some issues in that it lets me do it once - but then when I try to update say 6 dives, it will not see any new dives!
Use the 2.x backup often and before updates installed.
Have fun - dive safe.
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