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getting to truk

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hi all, im looking at going out to truk next year and looking at the airlines and routes,
which airline ?? korean air looks the most direct, but are they any good ??
other routes with Emirates, cathay, look longer.
any advice would be good ta

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I think the cheapest way is via Manila. You can go via Japan or even Hong Kong but the flights dont really connect with the Guam leg and it works out more expensive. Stopover in Manila was pretty painless. Of course you can always go via Hawaii which sounds nice. We went Emirates to Manila via Dubai.
We did London to Manila on Singapore Airlines, then the Continental hopper via Guam. Our plans were to do Bikini as well but Air Marshall Islands went bust the week before we travelled so we went to Yap and a few days in Singapore on the way back. Korean airways are good as well.
If you do the Manila route, go to the transfer desk before you go for your luggage and they will let you stay in departures and check in later without the faff of going out of the airport and checking in/immigration again. They put your luggage in a room and you get it later. It's worked twice for us. You can then pay your $10 to use the "executive" lounge - ok, not the Ritz, but better than the rest of the airport...
cheers guys, korean air are going london to seoul to guam then truk over a couple of days, the other airlines are doing a stop over in manilia and taken 3 days ish, is it best just to get there and rest for a day before diving or to chill a bit on the way.
i flew via korea to cebu +the planes were superb. food superb. inflight entertainment superb.
8hr stopover in korea a little long, but airport superb.
all in all, i'd fly with them again for sure :D

i went to truk in march.
singapore airlines, lhr to singapore, 2hrs to change planes.
singapore, sing to manila.
had 2hrs to go land side +re-check in with continental airlines. (U$30 for a 2nd bag upto 23kg/trip - not flight sector)

continental, manila to guam. had 4hrs in guam.
all of which was spent to up shuffling forward a few inches at a time in the transit passenger cue. never been so bored or aching... not impressed at all.
after all the waiting, they only had two security lanes open +did less thorough checks than you get in the uk.
so not impressed with their "extra security" torture methods.
continental, guam to truk.

at the time i checked, this route was the cheapest.
going via the states gave more weight allowance, but was stupidly expensive +had far too many plane changes in us territory.
i booked the whole thing with regaldive in the end +they got a weight upgrade on singapore to 30kg :)

on the way back, there was a 10hr stop over in manila .

i must say singapore airlines was the best airline i have flown on in ages :)
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thanks infernalzen,
i had notice the baggage allowance was up and down on the airlines, i wasnt sure about the continental second bag costs, rummor had it they were quite steep, $30 aint to bad.
guam sounds fun.
thanks infernalzen,
i had notice the baggage allowance was up and down on the airlines, i wasnt sure about the continental second bag costs, rummor had it they were quite steep, $30 aint to bad.
guam sounds fun.
guam on the way back, was a breeze. dont know what was the problem on the way out.
my buddy +i, checked in together with a joint 3rd bag.
so we had 60kg total = singapore were happy +when we went with continental, we only had to pay for one extra bag :)
if you went via states, you'd have 2 x23kg allowance the whole way.

we never had our hand luggage checked for weight at any time ;)

one of the biggest stoppers out there could be the hotels 110v :eek:
had to get a new supply for my battery charger... there are limited supplies of AA +D cells if you went down that route (+no other sizes avail.)
thanks for the info guys, will defo be booking up just got to decide which route. johnyd, is that the same john having a boys weekend away in eastbourne last week ?? if so i hope the vis was better on sunday than the pea soup on saturday :)
Hi Gaz, Yes thats me ;-)) the dive had slightly better viz on Sunday ( but not much) but a great weekend away, the sea was flat calm and it was a great veiw of beachy head as we went past, met some nice people both days, hope to do something like it again.
Just back from 2 days at Littlehampton, the viz was slightly better there but water temp was still the same, brrr ;-))
Good luck in Truk you will love it, will you post a trip report ?
Hope to see you again, johnyd
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