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Quite sad but i'm 42 today, however its been a good one:-

1. The new Marinox O2 unit i've been chasing for the club turned up today. Quick sniff of O2 to liven up the afternoon and a quality O2 Unit in the boat.

2.One of my student who has been struggeling with mask clearing for the last 5 lessons GOT IT and covered the whole courses worth in no time tonight.

3. The club committee has accepted we need to get a new compressor and it looks like i'm going to get the all singing and danceing unit with banks and computerised Nitrox blending, subject to a lottery grant - Better than sex?

4. Booked Scapa week.

5. Booked Weymouth accom.

6.Wife paid for dive show coach trip

How good can it get - OK week in Sharm, Bikini, Truk - but without leaving home.



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Hey Paul,

Deffo looks like a result all round squire! Can't comment on the 'better than sex?' question - but then again, we're a little more casual down here in the galley

Hope it all falls into place mate. Take it easy and dive safe. Let us know how you get on with this veritable wind-fall.

PS: Sorry, almost forgot (I'm a fuckwit), Happy Birthday dude. And many more to come mate.

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Happy Birthday - have a good one mate!  :rock_band: :luxhello:
:birthday 2: :party 2:
:boozer: :birthday:  :balsmilies:  :biggrin:

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