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Quite sad but i'm 42 today, however its been a good one:-

1. The new Marinox O2 unit i've been chasing for the club turned up today. Quick sniff of O2 to liven up the afternoon and a quality O2 Unit in the boat.

2.One of my student who has been struggeling with mask clearing for the last 5 lessons GOT IT and covered the whole courses worth in no time tonight.

3. The club committee has accepted we need to get a new compressor and it looks like i'm going to get the all singing and danceing unit with banks and computerised Nitrox blending, subject to a lottery grant - Better than sex?

4. Booked Scapa week.

5. Booked Weymouth accom.

6.Wife paid for dive show coach trip

How good can it get - OK week in Sharm, Bikini, Truk - but without leaving home.


1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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