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Yep... as you may (or may not) know I am on secondment at the moment, absolutely love it, getting about in the county like it is going out of fashion and meeting some cracking people..

but not one to sit still forever and the whole thing about secondments is that they dont last.. so applied for a nice promotion and today got letter that I was top of the pile on the paper sift and that I am going for interview and presentation on 24th May...

woooooeeevve.... 2 part interview - part one: competency based interview dont like them :)frown: ) but part 2 : presentations - like them lots and lots :)) ) so fingers crossed..

But I have to give public credit really to Dibble who helped me enourmously in achieving this by application, I think he deserves a proper pat (or two) on the back for that one.. now I just need to get the sodding job... lol

B x
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