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Hi everyone,

Just got back from spending a week in Gozo. Had a brilliant time. It was our third trip out there (after doing the OW & AOW there).

The weather was very nice - mid 20's. The water temp was about 18-19C. I used a 5mm full length with a 5mm shortie and a hood and was fine. That said, the wife felt a little cool so she wore gloves and was OK then.

The dive sites were generally quiet due to it being early season - which was nice! I'd advise anyone going there to consider this time of year as the main rush of the season has not yet started. The other advantage was that we got the chance to dive Ta Cenc. This is small cove where the access is owned by a hotel. Come the end of the month they restrict access to a few, so it is pretty much closed to all but those who can get to it by boat. It was a really nice little dive. Clear blue water, octopus, scorpion fish, lobster and leopard nudibracs - what more do you want in a dive!

The other nice dive was from the blue hole. I've done this before but since my air consumption is getting better, it was much more enjoyable. On a ledge at the back of the Azure Window we just waited to see if anything interesting came along. It did in the form of a couple of large groupers (1 - 1.5m). Thats quite big for Gozo. We then swam over to the Coral Garden. We got to it via ascending up a very narrow chimney. Going from 21m to 4m in a tight chimney, good bouyancy control and a bit of nerve was required!

The other nice dive was in Xlendi bay. I was not a fan of the site after last time I visited it (too damn busy) but after one of the dives there this time I changed my mind. We had a great sixty minute dive. Very relaxed. Matt, the dive leader found an octopus that he decided to befriend. They then became very close as it would not let him go! Later we found a cuttlefish just before entering the tunnel at the far side of the bay.

In amongst all this we managed to do the nitrox course! Thought it's a useful string to the bow if we decide to do a liveaboard later this year. After doing the two dives on Nitrox that day we didn't half as tired as we usually do.

If anyone wants to know more give us a shout.


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