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Following a resonably good weekend on the James Egan Lane and Scylla, Its become obvious that our club needs a larger, more capable boat. Our little Humber inflatable (not even a proper rib), although relaible, tough and fine in clam seas, is struggling to cope with our current diving. We had a near incident trying to get back into harbour on Sunday, due to wind and load.

Unfortynately, the club funds will not stretch to another boat, and ours is not worth much, so we are looking into a grant/funding from the Lottery. If we go this route, we are committed to getting a new boat (not allowed second hand), and I'm not sure a grant would cover it. The question is, I guess, does anyone know of any other funding possibilities that we could look into? A smaller grant than the lottery would give, but allowing us to go second hand would be more than acceptable.


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