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<font color='#0000FF'>Hows this for a result then ?

Bought my Stinger a couple of years back, dived it a lot but earlier this year needed to get the battery changed, especially as it was coming with me to Bermuda for 6 months. So, off to my local shop (Croxley Divers) in January where a new battery was duly fitted - no problem thought I, lovely job, thanks vey much lads.

Now, picture the scene some 5 months later when having got back on the boat I take a glance at the thing and notice that I am, apparently at 540 feet and counting ! (not for long as it all wnet blank after that  
) Got back home, played with it a bit, found the bezel would unscrew with finger pressure and a few drops of the Atlantic dropped out - that's buggered then thought I - though I cheered up a bit when the misses bought a Mosquito a couple of days later to replace it!

Anyway, back to the UK last week, back to the LDS, explained that they had done the battery a few months back - they said of course they pressure test these things after those jobs but they would send it back to Suunto for an opinion.

Upshot is - 3 days later they call and tell me they have got a brand new Stinger to replace it - result  
 So thank you Suunto and Croxley Divers - wish this sort of service was commonplace across the industry !

The Stinger is now, however, surplus to requirements so if anyone wants it, it's for sale, boxed with instructions together with the Dive Manager software in the personal ads section.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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