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Greenforce Replacement for Halcyon Torch

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I have a fixed Proteus 10watt fixed beam torch and untill recently a 21watt 9amp HID torch

I am looking to replace the 21 watt with a Greenforce torch.

I would like people opinions:

1. What Greenforce torch has similar performance to the 21 watt, in terms of brightness ?

2. What Greenforce has similar performance to the proteus ?

I like the bombproofness of Greenforce torches my friends have.

Where does the best deal at the moment?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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hi gwa

depends on whether you want hid or led to replace what you have.
we have a 220 watt equivalent hid head which would be more powerful than the 21 watt hid.
also we have a 75 watt equivalent hid head that is more powerful than the proteus.
but if you want to go led the following heads would be more powerful than the 10 watt hid
1. tristar p4
2.monostar p7 h
3.quadristar xpg h
also we have a new head coming out in 2 weeks that would be more pwerful than the 21 watt hid called the heptastar please click on the following links

http://www.green-force.com/ProductP...d/Hybrid 12 + umbilical + Heptastar XPG H.jpg

the heptastar is 2275 lumens and the head is very small as is the new quadristar xpg h.
the greenforce torches are now also available in all black if required.
please let me know if you require any further help or assistance

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I have the F2 battery pack with a P7 (single led) head (I think I have that the right way around)
It's not as punchy as a 21w (I sold my Salvo to buy it) but it is bloody close. You can buy a little pack to sit the battery in which sits neatly on your waist band.
As good as my Salvo was I don't regret switching to this and when I get my goodmans handle it will be the complete package:

Burn is about 4hrs and it is built like a tank. Absolutely love it
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I think it will have to be the tristar p4 or monostar for me, Paul where did you get that good man handle made, or is it a home build !

I have a Tristar my mate has a Mono Star I prefere my mates light, the beam is tighter and penetrates low viz better.

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Paul where did you get that good man handle made, or is it a home build !
Homebuild, bloody cheek :D

It's one of mine, originally designed to replace the flimsy handle off a Salvo which fall to pieces, just needs a jubilee clip and it is good to go on more or less any light.

Paul's is specially commissioned, coloured to match his day-glo drysuit and with "HPDW" punched into the handle.
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The promise of LED technology that can fully replace HID lighting just took a step forward with Halcyon’s newest EOS primary light.

The new EOS umbilical dive torch capably blends numerous desirable features with a focused light output exceeding the 10watt HID.

The EOS also reduces battery consumption with an efficient array of dual intensity LEDs totaling 12 watts; a quick flip of the switch and you more than double the battery’s burn time.

A machined aluminum head shields a nearly indestructible LED light array with an expected lifecycle of 20,000 hours.

A set of innovative Halcyon features round out the EOS by adding a custom tie point for the Goodman handle and a specially machined rear boltsnap attachment point. The Halcyon EOS represents the dawn in a new age of underwater lighting and is a welcome addition to our line of primary lighting.

EOS LED Key Features

* Advanced LED array provides powerful 12-watt output in a small, attractive form factor; full power output equals 600 Lumen
* Lux rating at 1 metre is 10700 / 3 meters is 1450 / 5 meters is 530
* High quality aluminium light head with Type 3, Class 2 Mil-Spec hardcoat is durable and corrosion resistant
* Aluminium light head optimizes heat dissipation while protecting LED electronics
* High quality LEDs are rated for approximately 20,000 hours and
* protected by a nearly indestructible light head
* Dual intensity LED allows an option to double battery burn time
* Built-in thermal protection circuit auto-switches to low intensity to protect LED array from overheating when out of the water
* EOS Goodman handle features an innovative boltsnap attachment point
* Light head body provides a rear boltsnap attachment option
* Small, lightweight Smart charger with universal input 110-240v
* Pressure tested and depth rated to 300 ft / 90 m
* Lifetime warranty on the canister
* EOS comes standard with our indestructible Explorer canister featuring our proprietary “dry lid” design
* Available with underwater pluggable cords


4.5 amp Battery Pack

* Full Power: 5 hour burn time
* Half Power: 10 hour burn time
* 2.6” OD / 11.63” L (6.6 cm OD / 29.5 cm L) Weight: 4 lb (1.8kg) Buoyancy: -1.75 lb (-.8 kg)


LED16 Canister System - NEW!
"Best of Both Worlds"

The new LED16 canister system offers the power of HID with the reliability, durability and efficiency of LED technology. This system offers a concentrated beam that is preferred for exploration diving. Powered with a Lithium-ion Polymer rechargeable battery, the LED16 burns at 1000+ lumens of brightness for 4 hours. This single LED offers the advantage of a very long 20,000 hour life and the 6° beam width is much tighter than multi-LED arrays. This design is preferred by Technical divers for signaling purposes.

# 16W LED with 1000+ Lumen light output @5600°K
# Lithium-ion Polymer Battery with 4 hour burn time
# Dry Weight = 4 lbs, Bouyancy = - 2 lbs
# Delrin canister body with aluminum head
# Goodman handle standard with option elastic grip handle
# Canister Length: 9 inches and Diameter: 2.75 inches
# Light Head Length: 5 inches and Diameter: 2 inches
# Max Operating depth 500ft./152m.
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Sorry but IMHO the 16w led is only as good as my Custom Diver 14w hid . Rob Dobson had one in Scapa last week which I borrowed on a 58m dive . Put the 16w LED alongside my 14w hid & they penetrated the same distance with the same spread of light & colour of light was the same . Rob put his 21w hid alongside the 16w led & it was clearly a much tighter beam & penetrated at least twice as far .
Personally I prefer the spread as I do not need to signal a buddy .
It was also said that the life of the led is quoted at "normal" operations not when being "overdriven" which was about where it got to technical for me !
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My very first decent torch was a Greenforce, I still have it and use it often. Think of Grrenforce as a system. I have two F2 battery packs, two umbilicals and four heads.

It's all the torch that I'll ever need and if some great new technology comes out I only need to buy the head.

Talk to Rob Lumb (post number 2) he's the importer.
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I had the GF Monostar p7 on a F2 pack and it was brilliant mate (I wish I had kept it) however I really like the look of the new Heptastar and from what Rob says on here if I were buying again I would give this a spin.

Your best bet is to phone Rob Lumb - he will sort you out and not give you any sales bollox talk.

Saying that when we dived I thought your Proteus 10watt was a good torch why do you want to swap it?

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I do really like it but I have broken it, the battery went off so it needs to be fixed

I lost my other torch so this is a replacement for that one!!!!


I recently changed my 18W Halcyon Proteus for a Greenforce P7 monostar with F2 battery pack. 3 1/2 hr burn time with 4 hour recharge. Not quite as bright or as good at penetrating murk as my 18W but a much warmer light which doesn't wash out colour as much. My new torch is much smaller, much lighter, almost as bright, probably more effective for use during wreck dives and should last a lot longer without stupid replacement bulb charges so I am very happy. Bought via Rob Lumb who I can thoroughly recommend - give him a buzz to discuss.


Oh and I can also recommend their webbing style goodmans handle which is light weight, comfortable and cheap (around £15). For me this is far better than any hard, fixed handle which I previously found bulky and uncomfortable.
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GF XPG H Torch Head vs Tristar P4

Hi Rob,
I've recently heard about this new torch head called the Quadristar XPG H that is coming onto the market. I was looking at upgrading my 35W torch head to the Tristar P4 55W (660 Lumens) but this XPG H is making think again! Does it throw out more lumens than the original Quadristar which used to be 880 lumens?

I presume that this torch head is Dimmable i.e. 100% to 66% to 33% then strobe and S-O-S modes?

Can you advise what the burn times are when using an Arrow 12 Battery Pack (at 100%)? I suppose using at 66% and 33% outputs will increase the burn time considerably?

Finally, what's the RRP for one of these heads?


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Hi Nick,

I've just had one ordered for me, so here is what I know.......
the XPGH Quadristar is 980 lumens (on paper at least) so a lot more light than the old quadristar, and has a colour temperature of 6500k
which puts it on the blue side of white, rather than the white side of red as was the case with some of the earlier Greenforce LEDs.
2 power settings, 100% and 50%.
Oh, and the light head is tiny, about 5cm across. The full length of the lighthead fitted to its power cable is 17cm.

It should be a cracking little torch.
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I like the bombproofness of Greenforce torches my friends have.
Hmmm... 2 guys in my club have green force and I've never had a dive with either of them where they haven't had problems with it. Constantly being sent back to manufacturers etc...

Go for Tilly Tec, or even a combination - batteries and heads are compatible with both manufactorers :D

Hmmm... 2 guys in my club have green force and I've never had a dive with either of them where they haven't had problems with it. Constantly being sent back to manufacturers etc...
On the other hand, mine has always been 100%, never an issue, a couple of others in the club have them too...
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Originally Posted by James-S
Hmmm... 2 guys in my club have green force and I've never had a dive with either of them where they haven't had problems with it. Constantly being sent back to manufacturers etc...
I bought mine secondhand, neither the previous owner nor myself have experienced any failings with it and the items is over five years old.

It's luck of the drawer really, I know people who have Salvos and they've had problems in the past which have resorted in seeking expert technical advice.
Well I used it for the first time in anger on the Mendi yesterday, it was very good, about the same brightness as my Halcyon torch but a much wider beam so i could see more, I appreciate that Halcyon torches are often used for signaling but for me and for my Uk diving the green force is great
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I've had my greenforce torch for 5 years, never had a problem and can't fault the service from Lumb bros (if only he'd learn to lie about the prices to swmbo). If it went west now, I'd definitely buy another one.
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If you search this Forum and see how many people have problems with there Green Force's, then compare that with searches on other popular lights. You will see that Green Force lights are incredibly reliable. If two members of your branch are both having problems I wonder if it's user error, if they have been back to the manufacture and are still giving problems.

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