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Greetings all. Having been browsing for a while, I feel I should intro myself.

I am a BSAC Sports diver with Nitrox based in the South (is this a crime on YD? :) ). Been diving for 3 years and have clocked up 66 dives and only the first one (try dive) was abroad in Antigua.

Having been on singles so far I am looking at crossing to the "dark side" and getting kitted up to start on twinset. This again will not be deep stuff but allow greater bottom time/greater redundancy.

Getting kit on a budget is problem - it seems the MDE changeover has made things much worse!!!

Just come back from an excellent trip to the Isles of Scilly and also plan to do some stuff out of Weymouth as we have got a small holiday flat there.

Any way, thanks for all the info I have picked up from the forums and hope to bump into some YDs during the season.


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Hi slip,

a warm welcome to YD, enjoy the boards and I'm sure you'll find some trips that will compliment your flat.

Safe diving,
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