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Colin Parsons just emailed me this:

"Hi All,

Just come back from 8 days diving in Grenada, and thought I'd post a quick trip report for info if anyone else is thinking of going.

I was diving with Eco Dive and Trek, based at the Coyaba Beach Resort, and I have to say they were superb. Marvin Wolfe and Ed Burd have been diving in Grenada for years, and their extensive experience shows when planning the days diving. They do three dives a day (two in the morning and one in the afternoon), which allows you to really rack em up - which is important if you're only there for a week or so. Nothing worse than going on a diving holiday, only to have to spend hours doing nothing.

Grenada is a fantastic island - really mellow and laid back, and although I'm still quite a newbie, the diving is pretty spectacular in my opinion. If you're into wreck you'll be especially pleased. I was doing the PADI Wreck Diver Speciality course while I was there, and you really couldn't get a better place to do it. Great viz coupled with a number of penetrable wrecks, meant an awesome learning experience.
I did my final wreck dive inside the Bianca-C wreck at 35m - I still get adrenalin surges thinking about it!

Anyway, some of the sites I dived are as follows - Shakem Wreck - I dived this three times. It's the wreck of a container ship that sank three years ago. There's already a lot of coral growth, and schooling baracudas. It sits upright in about 30m and has numerous entry points, if penetration is your thing (ooer).

Had a fab time floating up the spiral staircase to the wheelhouse and looking out into the blue while standing in front of the wheel was breathtaking!

Shark Reef - A stunning drift dive on the rough Atlantic side of the island. Kamikaze negatively buoyant entry to get under and into the drift asap which was exciting! It was an exciting, fast, drift and I'm told there are normally loads of pelagics, although we only saw 2 or 3 nurse sharks.

Bianca-C Wreck - What can you say about this dive? It's awesome! The Bianca-C is nicknamed the "Titanic of the Carribean" and for good reason - it's huge! Again, as with most dives in Grenada, this dive is conducted in fast currents, and a rapid head first, negatively buoyant descent is required.

There is nothing that can prepare you for the sight of this monster looming into view as you hit 25 to 30 metres! Again there were numerous barracudas circling the huge upright mast. Me and the instructor penetrated the front of the hull, and swam through a small enclosed section and out the other side. Looking out through the portals you could see barracudas gliding by in the deep blue. Incredible!

Flamingo Bay - This is actually a shallow reef, and it's where they take snorkellers which I immediately thought meant it was a rubbish site. Nothing could be further from the truth! The amount of life on this reef is staggering!! I saw so many morray eels that I lost count, and arriving at a sandy patch there was the biggest stingray I have ever seen. It sat there churning the sand up like a bull ready to charge, and then took flight before gliding over our heads - it was incredible! I dived this site a few times, and can imagine never getting bored with it. It also drops off in a few areas giving it a wall dive feel.

There were a number of other great wreck and reef dives, and all the dives were expertly guided - either by Ed and Marvin, or one of the other British instructors they have working for them.

If you're looking for a mellow, uncrowded island with great diving I think Grenada is hard to beat.

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