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Yesterday, Mr Scubee tokk Master scubee and I to a concert. By Berkshire standards, it was quite large, but not exactly in Glastonbury leagues.

4 tribute bands plus 'Elvis' who were all rather good, especially illegal eagles - if you get a chance to see them and you like eagles stuff, then go!

Everyone else (we went very minimalist) was equipped with chairs, gazebos, picnic tables etc etc and had planned for a grand day out. The planning of this event had been very well thought out. Very near the entrance were the loos. There must have been about 40-50 individual portable loos, all clearly marked 'male' or 'female', plus one small portacabin marked 'male'.

The organisers didn't quite get the numbers right, but they must have got the balance about right, as, when i went over, there were long queues at the GENTS and only one or two people at the ladies. :D

Oh, how i snickered at the justice!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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