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My Halcyon Pro 3 10 watt focusable isnt working properly, when the dial is set all the way to the right it works but when on turned to the left it goes off and dosent work.

Any idea why?

If it needs repairing who do I send it to?



Halcyon daze....
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then it wouldnt be focusable... and if theres a fault with it then the whole thing could pack up
Sorry, really should have put a smiley in on that one!
If if works one way perfectly well then at least the bulb/ballast are ok and it's just a loose connection somewhere.

My non-focusable version developed a strange fault the other night, in that it unfocused itself on a dive and then wouldn't go back. I thought the bulb was on the way out, but took it apart, reseated the bulb and now all is hunky dory once more.

Personally, I will always strip it and reassemble myself before sending off. Others may not want to though.
Good luck.

p.s. you already have the answer - Dave Wallace really is yer man.

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I borrowed a friends one recently and before I even got in the water with it I managed to stop it working thanks to using the focus adjustment. At the end of the day, the umbilical connection to the ballast was crap and this had broken inside the light head. From what you describe, you probably have a bad connection in the same place causing the issue.

To check and fix, do the following...

- unscrew gland nut at top of umbilical situated at rear of light head
- pull back both the gland and the sealing o ring on umbilical away from the light head
- unscrew lense cover from from top of light head
- remove lense cover and glass lense
- hold clean rag in front of light head to catch contents and gently push umbilical through light head
- above should push out reflector followed by bulb and ballast which are fitted together (be careful not to touch bulb!)
- push umbilical all way through light head and now you should be looking at connection of umbilical to ballast
- above connection is where your problem is likely to be
- check and remake connections
- rebuild in reverse of above

Good luck
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