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Hamworthy BP8 (3s10) parts required.

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While I am waiting for my big compressor to be connected up, I managed to overheat my little overworked compressor. So I bought a Hamworthy BP8 (3s10) to use until the big one is installed. I was told that it had been working and a local centre had borrowed it while they had their unit fixed. Looking at it they never drained the 2nd stage condensator, water has got into the 3rd stage and bent the 3rd stage piston (HP), very slightly. Also the 3nd stage over pressure valve has a crack in the thread.

So is anyone breaking a Hamworthy BP8 (3s10)? And has a 3rd stage piston (with or without rings) and a 2nd stage OP valve (the one on the side of the 3rd stage) they want to part with?

I have asked 'windy' already.
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No.....but I have a 3S10 and may be interested in yours as spare parts! Assuming you can't find the parts you need and want to get rid of it, of course :)
PM sent.
can any one help me to find hamworthy compressor"4TH8" and it's spare parts
try central compressors in glos or maybe a bloke called windy think hes on here
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