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I'm currently considering getting rid of my old 14 Ft Ally runabout (bought for fishing) and get something more suitable for diving.....namely a 14 ft inflatable of the kind we used to dive from before the advent of RHIBs etc.

This will be ideal for my independent dives to sheltered sites within 5kms or so of the ramp etc. My curent boat has reasonably civilised comforts, such as seats, steering wheel, windscreen, canopy, battery etc, so I can run a fixed/permanently wired-in VHF radio from it. The new boat will be much more spartan but I would still like to have a radio, so I was looking at one of these:

eBay Australia: Handheld VHF UNIDEN Atlantis Marine Radio "BRAND NEW" (item 270106493060, end time 13-Apr-07 20:15:00 AEST)

Only thing is, my current boat has an 8 or 10 ft antenna, this looks to be maybe 8 inches max, so I'm well aware that it will have much reduced range.....question is how much reduced?

I know that my current system will give at least 12kms line of site, possibly more across open sea but does anyone have any idea what this one would be like?

I'll be keeping my EPIRB, so in the final analysis, AUSAR should get my distress signal within 30-60 mins in the worst case scenario but I'd really like to be able to talk to someone before it goes that badly pear-shaped.

Anyone got any idea of how these things perform?

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Hi Richard,

as I am sure you will be aware there are lots and lots of varyables to the range of your radio a rough estimate is 10-25 miles on a good day.

remember that the coastguard can recieve from much larger ranges than another vhf on a vessel.

one option you may consider is putting a canopy over the bow of your boat (search RNLI D-class) and mounting a VHF under that with an antenna on the stern.
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