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"Handy tip"

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I was faffing about whether to get the £40 hydrotech drygloves or the 3 finf
gered mitts that John Gulliver was talking about.

Is there another way to keep your hands warm - particularly for that second dive ??

Answer is a flask of hot water - pour into gloves before dive 2 and watch how warm your hands are during the second dive (of course - empty the water out just before donning the gloves)

OK - so no good for mega deco diving but worked a treat for me (Use it on hood too)

Its an old one but it works - any other handy tips out there
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Aclimatise your hands to the cold by spending a suitable build up period holding Ice cold beer for 4-5 hour sessions in a suitable location.

You can take short breaks while replenishing the pint, and make sure you are sorting out your insides for the cold compressed air by drinking lots of it as well.

Works for me

Dive Safe

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