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<font color='#0000FF'>A couple of months ago I committed to a days hard boat diving on Saturday, I don&#8217;t normally do hard boats but I was seduced by a boat with a diver lift, never having used one of these I though I would give it a go.

After a fitful nights sleep or rather lack of sleep, which is normal for me when I go diving as for some reason I always think I am going to oversleep, anyway after being startled at 05.15 by the alarm on my mobile phone I got up, if I hadn&#8217;t committed to diving and taking my friend Jenny with me I would have stayed in bed as the wind was howling, didn&#8217;t listen to the Shipping Forecast as we had to go anyway.  Departed for Menai at 06.15 and we were on our way, wondering why we were doing this in mid October.

We arrived one minute late, I hate being late, unloaded the car trying to do everything in two trips down the long platform leading to the boat, two of everything is very heavy, now I know why I like RIB&#8217;s.

First thought I was on the wrong boat, 4 Dragers, 6 twin sets and only one 12+only.

Kitted up as soon as we were on board as we were not going far for the first dive, which was a disaster.  I haven&#8217;t dived since my holiday and I could seriously become a warm water diver, we stepped of the back of the boat and down into about 3 metres of water, now were is that wreck that was supposed to be right under the boat, we hit some current one way then the next, got out of the current and followed a wall into about 8 metres, lovely sponges and plenty of life, but there was that blasted current again turned around after a couple of minutes got caught up in some up current and up I went luckily I was only in about 4 metres, on surface I said to Jenny I would call it at that we had only been in 16 minutes and I though what a waste of money this is.  Boat picked us up and my first taste of a diver lift it was great, hold the handles wait for the platform to lower and step on and up you go.  My word I could get used to this.  De-kitted and changed cylinders over.  After everyone was back on board went back to the slip so people could go and get bacon butties if they wanted, we had to be back for 11.00 as we would then leave for the next dive.  As the weather was good we would be heading out down the Lleyn Peninsular for a wreck called I think the Glanshee which hasn&#8217;t been dived very much.

The run down was fantastic, the sky was blue not a cloud in the sky the sea was flat and the scenery was wonderful.  After two hours we were there, we were a bit early and the tide was still running so we waited, Scott our Skipper went for a quick dive and after he came back and a little more time to wait we kitted up and off we went.  No rush to kit up and get in plenty of slack water.  Down we went viz was very good, shot line was near the bow and off we finned around the wreck, the wreck was covered in Dead Mens Fingers, some very large Sea Urchins, dinner plate size edible crabs, velvet swimming crabs, large lobsters, two enormous Congers, Dogfish lying on a small ledge on the wreck, Ballan Wrasse, Prawns, about 10 Tompot blennies, Bib, Cod yes a Cod, at the stern the was a very large shoal of Pollock which were just hanging there.  The prop wasn&#8217;t there it had apparently been broken off during its mishap.  Large Boiler, winch, some brass bits which were very attached.   After completing a circuit of the wreck plus another look around the winches my computer was a minute off going into deco so I signalled to Jenny that it was time to go and we ascended the shot line for our safety stop, 3 mins at 6m.  Total dive time 42 mins max depth 23.1 metres.

I haven&#8217;t enjoyed a UK sea dive as much all year.  Fantastic day and the sun shone.  
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