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Hard hat dive for anybody that wants to try it !!!!!

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Warren Hastings Falmouth Diving Club, HARDHAT HARBOUR WALK St MAWES SUNDAY 23rd May, over high water, so if you want a hat dive and rise some cash for DDRC its SUNDAY 23rd May
Yes 1920,s Siebe Gorman Helmets and hand pumps and more !
Call Warren 07967 809734 or just turn up

I am posting this because I think it is a very good calls and any divers dream to see how it used to be done. I had done this not at Falmouth great experience well worth trying
if anyone is interested I suggest to phone Warren and book safe diving
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I can recommend trying this, it is really good.
One thing however.....the gear is really heavy!!


yes i can fully recommend trying it i did hardhat dive in scapa and it was great bloody hardwork but well worth it
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