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So heres the crack..yesterday went out for a dive at Muttonhoe, Planned on a couple of 30 metre dives and get a couple of crays for the pot..
there was a nor-easter blowing about 15 knots ( Which is good, because it blows the blue water line into shore ).

However it had been blowing a southerly for the last couple of days, which meant there was a lot of swell ( Not sharp and choppy, but nice rollers ).
Now one of the guys, got on the turps the night before and was deff looking the worse for wear. We got out to the dive site. (we operate 2 up and 2 down). I went for my dive with my bud Allan, Came up and this diver had spent the whole 40 mins throwing up and was looking like he had been put thru a wringer.
So i informed him he was not to dive, " Well all hell broke loose after that", there was no way he was not going to dive.
My dive cap, just started the boat up and drove us back to shore ( Left the shot line behind ). So we unloaded this guy who was up to the stage, of wishing to remove our teeth via our scrotums...
After this I doubt we will be taking inexperienced divers out again ( Or if we do, I suppose we will have to give them a list of rules first, they will have to read and sign ).
So Fess up folks, what Horror diving bud stories have ya???
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