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Have your bone wishes turned to ash?

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I am absolutely certain there must some other Wishbone Ash fans here on YD and even more certain there may be a few converts? Sad to say, I don't recollect ever having seen WBA live ......... unless they were amongst the 'forgotten times' on Hastings pier?


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Wolverhampton Civic Hall 1976 - excellent live Argus is my fave Ash album

Had to click on the links for a quick blast!
Blimey! :eek:mg:

That took me back a bit - I'm staggered I can still remember all the lyrics!:embarassed:

Let me think now :rolleyes: - about six or seven times at Sheffield City Hall, probably around 1975/6 onwards!

I think I need to go and lie down now :(
Saw them live at Lichfield Rock & Pop Festival in 2001 and they were great,even at such a a small event as LRAP. "The Living Proof (live in Chicago)" CD capture some of the atmosphere of the live performance we witnessed.
(Sure I've seen postings for gigs recently, at Stoke on Trent, maybe?)

They used to go to Balne Lane WMC on a Tuesday night a couple of times a year, along with a load of 60's 70's groups.

They have a great set switching around with each others instruments, 3 brilliant drummers among them, and one of the guitarists has a Fender Strat which has a fretboard that lights up and he walks round the audience playing it.

I went to see them and others every Tuesday night while I lived in Wakefield..
They were due to play at Plymouth's Harley-Davidson dealer's "Birthday Bash" last Sunday - but they pulled out at the last minute. :(

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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