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AV / Home cinema folk. I know there are a few on here.... I'm wanting to set up a multiroom system and do some HDMI Distribution from multiple sources to mulples screens, I also want to tidy up my hotch potch collection of gadgets as I move house in a few weeks time..

I've currently got :

Living room:
Squeezebox touch (with spotify premium) wifi
Tvix 6600n plus Media player (usually only used for 1080p/720p mkv playback of home movies) 2TB NAS Storage wifi (also has lan)
Sony PS3 (CEC3) wifi
Panasonic SC- BTX70 (4.1 audio, ipod doc, fm tuner & bluray) lan
Panasonic TX-P46G15 46 plasma with freesat hd tuner integrated lan

Home Office:
PC's with HDMI Monitors (Hannsg 22" and HannsG 28") & Asus Xsense soundcard, Logitech2.1 PC speakers. lan
Spotify / itunes / vlc player
2TB USB Drive

Sony Ipod Dock (Iphone with spotify / ipod libraries)
Teknica 32" 720p Freeview HD TV - lan
LG Blu Ray Player - lan & usb mkv playback
Cylcone Media Player (Can play off ethernet lan or usb)

Squeezebox Radio wifi


WDTV Media Player USB playbck only.
Original Xbox Chipped with XBMC OS


Wall mount TV's and minimise gadet impact on room.

At least 5.1 back in living room (new amp, speakers & do I need blu ray player or should I use PS3 or LG I already have by moving thinsg around) the 4.1 really misses centre audio voice.

Distribute music throughout house (think I can do this via the two squeezeboxes and the iphone using squeeze box application....)

Distribute Movies thoughtout house (thinking using the TVIX and adding some HDMI distribution but how? and how do I keep control of the devices with simple remotes? or do I just use the cyclone and play off lan (probably))

Control: are there any decent remotes or systems to control mulple devices from multiple vendors?

Connectivity: I have wifi and also use a single powerline kit to move ethernet around the house, ethernet is my prefered choice but I dont have enough powerline devices so probably need a kit to connect more... (maybenwteowkr hub in office and bedrooms can you do three socket powerlines?)

What amp and speakers?
Are sound bars worth thinking about and if so woudl I need seperate speakers for music from the amp?
Should I split HDMI from the soruces or from after the amp or not at all?
would you use the amp to do distribution?
Budget for total project £1000 ish (cables, amp, speakers, anything else)


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Cannot help with most of your needs as I have a simple system with only 1 real TV in the house. We have no kids and I don't watch much sport so we have little to fight over. The other TV is for work in the study which just happens to have a sky feed.

I use a PS3 to play BR DVDs and it is excellent quality. Do invest in the rip-off DVD handset though as its much easier to use than the controllers.

I use a Sony 7.1 amp which also handles all the AV switching. It takes in the HDMI from all the sources and provides a single Video HDMI to the TV. Sound is switched simultaneously but the connectivity is is TOS links. SPeakers are Q something and only a 5.1 set as its a long thin room so no real advanctage with 7.1.

For video streaming I would recommend the TwonkyVision DLNA Server. Does the job well.

Connectivity to my PS3 etc is via WiFi but I havbe a couple of Belkin Powerline moduels to try. From memory these use the Giggle chipset which is very very good.

Hope this help.


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One thought to bear in mind when thinking about splitting or distributing HDMI signals is the impact of HDCP, which is the content protection built into HD sources such as bluray.

This has played havoc in my setup and I still can't watch a bluray on my projector without having to leave the TV behind the screen turned on (both run from a HTPC). Also plays havoc with the PC recognising the projector and allowing 3D content. The problem is that the HDCP is looking for you being sneaky and trying to copy the content or use non-compatible equipment so simple things like switched off devices or interrupting the signal can cause problems

Splitting the HDMI while retaining HDCP passthrough is possible with some distribution systems, but my understanding is that they won't necessarily all be futureproof.

I'm sure it is possible to do it without hitch, but my advice would be to get some proper advice on what will work before you spend any money or run any cables.

(Sorry if I'm expecting you to suck some eggs!)


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Oh and one other thing, if you're think ing about long runs of HDMI, then signal degradation will have a serious impact.

I was always in the digital is digital lobby when it comes to fancy pants digital cables (don't mind splashing out on good quality analogues cables) but on long runs the signal loss shows as coloured speckles on the screen or simply won't show a picture. So cable cost for long runs could get pretty steep as high quality cable is needed.

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