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i'm currently applying to be a Clearance Diver in the Royal Navy but recently had a minor set back when i went for my hse divers medical before starting training.
I told them about a heart murmur i have had for many years witch of course brought on lots of tests witch all came out fine! But because all the doctors i have seen where civvies i now have to go and see a navy cardiologist for a echocardiogram (scan of the heart) encase i die during training and people start sueing each other left right a centre.
Basically i'm just after a little peace of mind so any info regarding heart murmurs and diving would be good!
I'm very physically fit (passed navy divers fitness test)
Been diving for 3+ years with no problem
Rgds Gaz

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I have a very loud murmur, plus a VSD (Ventricular Septal Defect) and I used to hold a HSE commercial divers medical. Went through the exercise test fine, and I'm not exactly a fitness fan:) It was Jules Eden when I had mine, and he did an echo there and then, and identified the shunting, which was, thanfully, the 'right way around'.

A murmur could be 'just' a murmur, or it could be an indication of something else, such as shunting. I know that bit isn't what you wanted to hear though:(

At the end of the day, it's up to the cardiologist. But, mine has caused me no problems (I have had lengthy discussion with diving docs following my bend, and the general consensus is that the VSD was NOT a factor in my DCI), and I have a murmur and a VSD, you currently only have the murmur:D

Hopefully, it will all go fine for you, they are most likely covering their arses:)
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