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I remember many moons ago going out to Florida to do a cave course with John Orlowski and going through St Louis airport with my mate who was carrying his home built torch (car head light stylee) in his hand luggage. When asked by secruity what was in his bag, my buddy Iain Garfield replied nonchalently "Oh, just my torch"..... The only thing that broke the silence was the sound of jaws dropping and holsters being unbuttoned. :eek:mg:

It was then that we realised that he should have said "lantern" and that he wasn't admitting that he was taking an oxycetelene torch onto the plane :embarassed:

Iain then gingerly offered to open his bag. Given its Heath Robinson build, it took a few minutes for them to be convinced.

My, how we laughed...... when we were safely in the air... Needless to say it went as checked in baggage on the flight back

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