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Hello from Dive in Style

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Just joined the site and looks very active. I run a new luxury scuba diving tour operator, Dive in Style, part of Original Travel based in London but with trips all around the world.

I have been a diver since 1998 and a qualified DM since 2000. Favourite spot is South East Asia where I have spent a lot of time in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Keen to explore and to connect with other likeminded divers.

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Ah, a luxury diving tour operator, you can afford to pay for advertising then.

Great to have you here as a diver. If you want to advertise your business you need to contact Admin or Moderators to let you know costs. Don't worry, they'll probably PM you with the details.

In the meantime you will probably want to remove the links to your business, it would be awfully embarrasing for a new company to get an invoice they weren't expecting for advertising in breach of Ts & Cs for the biggest forum in their target market.

Hi Neldo,

welcome to YD. I've removed the link to your business as free advertising isn't allowed. Please contact Jay for advertising rates.
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I am just going to say hi and forgo the preaching...


Thanks for all of the messages. Understood on the free advertising front and will refrain from posting links or selling on this site. I am keen to get involved in my capacity as a diver.

I have applied for an advertising pack so will see what comes through.


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