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"That's NOT my avatar! It's film of me AFTER I was
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I read a post with a link to yorkshire divers saying you'd gone national and thought I'd drop by.
I guess I'd better say a little about myself. I moved to Notts just under 2 years ago from Blackburn. Before anyone complains about me being Lancashire, I spend 15 years of my childhood growing up in Huddersfield so I do have a yorkshire accent  

Last September I was invited to do a try dive by a woman I work with and that was it, hooked. Qualified BSAC Ocean diver in January and will (bar incident) do my last qualifying dive for Sports Diver tomorrow (19/7/03). I've done 26 open water dives, but will be increasing that a little in Aug when I'm off to the Farnes and St.Abbs.
I'll not say any more as I wouldn't want your boss catching you asleep at work  

Catch you later and dive safe!
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