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[b said:
Quote[/b] (tas @ Aug. 05 2003,14:36)]
Right OK! From now on Tom you're called Bob. Just to keep Tas, or is it Tom, happy.


I'd heard that YD was a friendly bunch, but to go so far as to change somebody else's name just to make a new arrival happy - that's quality.

Peter, I'd go so far as to say that you are a real Scot!
Right then. I can see there are a couple of things that need sorting out here.

If I'm not very much mistaken, *I* am the newer arrival here (July v April, I believe) and thus most deserving of a break. In fact, Tas, having had several months in which to lay claim to the name Tom, you have signally failed to do so.

The only conditions under which I would accept the name 'Bob', would be if Tas signed as 'Samantha' and Peter K became 'Mr Potato Head' (name changed by deed poll, jpg of driving license required as evidence).

But let it not be said that I am unreasonable. I am prepared to make concessions. I am willing to be known as Tom B (the initial of my surname). Tas may adopt some other variant of the name Tom, and as a gesture of gratitude must always carry my tanks to the boat if we ever meet. And Peter, as punishment for his meddling, must as Tas suggests answer to the name of Scott (or Mr Potato Head if preferred).

Fair enough?

This is worse than that Hull thing. Sorry, I mean Sharm.

(The Original and Best)
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