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[Jackie Piero - an underwater archaeology graduate student -wrote]:

" Hello everyone,

I am a graduate student in maritime studies at East Carolina University, USA.

I am currently gathering information for my thesis, which will be based on a time-line of metal-hulled shipwrecks from each decade between 1850 and today in the northern, middle, and tropical latitudes.

I am writing to ask if anyone out there has dived a few certain wrecks around the UK and if you would be willing to tell me about their condition?

The specific wrecks are:

* The Thesis - Sound of Mull, Scotland
* The Oregon - South Devon
* The Bretagne - East Devon
* The Rondo - Sound of Mull
* The Hispania - Sound of Mull

I have seen great descriptions of them from a few years ago, but I am looking for updates. If you have dived them recently, I would love and really appareciate any details you have about how these hulls are holding up.

Any information you have would be a great help. Please email me if you can help!

Thank you!

Jackie Piero "

Jackie can be reached at:

[email protected]
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