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Help me find a neoprene drysuit pocket!

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Hi to all,

I am new to the diving world; a diving virgin you may say. I have recently purchased a neoprene typhoon drysuit which fits well and keeps me dry. The only problem is i dont have any storage on it. I wanted to glue a drysuit pocket but cant find a good one.

I was originally going to buy the Beaver Cargo Drysuit pocket but as far as im aware you can only buy the pocket fitted to a beaver drysuit! :frown:

I want a relatively big pocket with a velcro fastening if anyone has any ideas.

Thanx in advance!
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Do you have a link?

I'm after some bellows-style pockets to fit to a neoprene suit!
Unfortunately, the one on my divemaster (don't know if you noticed when you saw me) is pretty loose - I lost my rag with it a few days after the Farnes gig and pulled it off altogether, hence being in the market for a new one ;)
I just pulled it off actually - I was quite surprised at how easily it came off.

I removed it for two reasons:

1) It was too small to be of use to me
2) I wanted to check under it for leaks, as I stupidly put a lead fishing weight with spikes on in that pocket when I found it on a dive :redface:

Once you've pulled at the loose end of the edge, the whole thing just peels back - no need for a hairdryer etc.

Hopefully my new one will be more strongly attached! :)
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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