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Just to reiterate what has been said before,  If she has no interest what so ever just leave it at that.  If she is kind of interested, try to arrange a try dive/discover scuba at a local pool and take it from there.

I seem to have the best of both worlds.  My wife would not put her face underwater at all when I met her and she was none to keen on water too deep to stand up in.  I had been diving for a few years when I booked a holiday to the maldives, she decided to try an openwater course before we went.   It all worked out...  The really nice thing is that she is not quite so mad keen as me but understands the passion.  So if she does not feel like diving or feels that the dive maybe beyond her limits she won't dive.

So I get a buddy to share experiences with on holiday and in the UK but plenty of opportunity to dive without her.  Both nice but in different ways.

Try the direct approach, ask her if she wants to do a try dive and take it from there.  

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