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In extremis, you could always book a holiday to the Maldives and get her interested in diving that way - gorgeous warm water, loads to see (sea-life), viz for miles and a top 'soup-to-nuts' holiday to boot!

I sneakily tagged on a 12 day diving holiday in the Red Sea (after we'd 'done' Cairo and Luxor) to the end of our honeymoon, and as a result Fiona dives just as much as me when we're abroad; alas, the UK side of thing she tried, then binned, but it didn't put her off diving.

Failing that, if she still can't see it and is still giving you hard time, and if your explanation that, sorry dear, there are just some things that I do that you don't/won't, then yes, it may be time to trade her in for a new model. Harsh but fair.
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