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Hi All,

Haven't posted in a long time because of other pressing commitments but wanted to say hi again to the friendliest board on the net.  Got an email from my tequila dive-buddy Peter which reminded me to check in.

Anyway, back in September I flew over from California to team up with Mark Davies and drive up to the Isle of Mull and hook up with Peter and other YD'ers'  (OK, I was really coming to the UK to attend University but that's another story).

Well, I brought a video camera and filmed a dive on the Hispana (I believe) and it turned out that.... I had the focus set wrong!!!!  Its mostly blurry under the water.  I'm still trying to play with the tape but until then, I'm cropped off some images which I've posted to a temporary website:


Lets see who we can recognize... Mark... Peter... Edward... Fi... Gavin... who else?

Anyway, just wanted to say hello again from the colonies!

Sacramento Tony
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