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Just joined after a friend pointed me in this direction after I was asking advice for diving in Croatia. Very impressed with the site so decided to register and get stuck in. By way of introduction I have used Juz' previous thread as a guide. I am in the army and completed BSAC OD years ago but never had time to complete SD although have done around 150 dives. Definately a recreational diver, mainly on holiday, but love diving in the UK. Favourite spots have been Scapa Flow, St Abbs, Bahamas, Maldives, Turkey, Malta and Sharm. Due to profession, v interested in mil related wrecks but studied Oceanography at Soton Uni therefore also v interested in oceanic geology and marine biology.

Chris Prior


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2003 - BSAC OD

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BSAC Direct

Highest Diving Qualification

Instructor Yes/No

What other training have you found most rewarding
Not completed any other training yet!

What’s your standard Kit
Aquatec regs and Scubapro BCD

Where do you usually Dive
No regular haunts

Number of Dives
150 ish

Deepest Dive

Longest Dive
54 mins

Favourite Dive
WWI German wrecks in Scapa Flow

Worst Dive
Barge in Malta - poor vis, short dive due to beginners in group, arsy German instructor.

What dive/trip would you most like to do
Thistlegorm - Sharm

What ONE other question should I have included?
Don't Know

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I can't really help on Croatia, other than I looked at diving there last year and found it to be quite expensive - the exchange rate was shite at the time though.

I contacted Oxygene - Croatia | Global Quality Diving - but like i said, never got as far as booking anything.


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Hi Chris

Welcome to YD.

I dived Croatia in June 2007. I dived near the Dalmation Coast, so it really depends on where you were looking at diving. I have submitted a trip report somewhere on the forum, but I can recommened Butterfly Diving, Butterfly Diving - Home

They are (or were back then) run by 2 Germans. They were very professional, and the hard boat was very well laid out. The other operator we dived with was a company called More Sub but they were no where near as professional as Butterfly Diving.

The diving in Croatia is similar to that in Malta, so if you like Malta, you'll like Croatia

Good luck with your enquiry. Hope you find something soon.
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