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Hi all.

New member so thought I'd make an intro. I've viewed the forums loads of times in the past while searching for info but finally decided to join up.

I pinched these headers from another thread as thought they were ideal to use as an introduction.



First Qualified
August 2009 - PADI OW

Club Member
Northampton Scuba School

Highest Diving Qualification

Instructor Yes/No

What other training have you found most rewarding
Deep and Nitrox (Ready for my first Liveaboard in the Red Sea later this year)

What’s your standard Kit
Single 15 litre (I'm a gas guzzler)

Where do you usually Dive
Inland sites, Stoney Cove and Capernwray mostly. Guaranteed diving whatever the weather!

Number of Dives
About 120

Deepest Dive
34.9 metres (Deep Hydrobox at Stoney)

Longest Dive
72 mins

Favourite Dive
Anything in the Red Sea

Worst Dive
OW qualifier Dive 3 at Stoney Cove which ended in an airlift. Not even really a diving incident but managed to inhale too much water on the surface.

What dive/trip would you most like to do
Great Barrier Reef

Thanks for looking


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