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Hi everyone,
I just want to introduce myself to you, (not a Yorkshireman, or woman, last time I looked anyway! but it is in the blood....)

I found your board via another well known board and thought I would take a look and would like to congratulate you on putting together an altogether friendlier board,
I have been getting pretty p..s.d with all the slagging off and so called expert opinions on another popular board by some of the "regulars" bunch of arse's someone said, I have to agree...., I can only assume that some neither work or dive! it has got to the point with me that I am hesitant to reply to peoples posts in case of abuse by the experts!!!!! that has not got to be good!

Pleeeeeessssse don't go the same way...

Well it is sunday night, no diving today, just been swim training so I am getting a beer and hope to catch up with you guys in the future,

PS, if anyone wants to email me just ask in the Surface Interval Forum and I will let you know my email address
oh, and hi to Driftwood
how are you mate!

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