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The wreck of HMHS Rohilla, lost in October 1914 off Whitby is the town’s greatest maritime disaster, with the centenary of the ship’s loss next year a steering group was created charged with organising a series of events. Our aim is to mark the occasion with a celebration of the dramatic rescue of 145 people and provide a fitting memorial to the 84 people who were lost.

We have a dedicated website as well as a new Facebook presence but we are hoping that we can reach out to divers who may have dived the wreck and obtained video of it. If possible we would like to host on the website. As part of the organised events we will be holding an evening concert, during which we will be displaying a presentation telling how the tragedy unfolded, it would be that much nicer if we could include video footage as part of the presentation. If you can help please contact me direct at [email protected]

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