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<font color='#8D38C9'>Well we came, we saw something & I got caught in fishing line! Luckily I have a (t)rusty knife which went through, but I was sure someone was pulling me back! Only I knew Juz was in front with Paul I was about to blame him!

The wreck was covered like a carpet, dead men’s fingers and starfish everywhere; there was loads of life (guess that's why there is so much fishing line!)

Teresa and I discussed nappies, dehydration and girlies and of course chocolate (rolo eggs versus cream eggs)! Teresa & Kev are such an unassuming pair, great people! I wasn't aware I was in the presence of greatness!

I got to snooze in the bunk on the way back for an hour, what bliss!

Great to meet Paul, another face to a name & got to thank him personally for the marks for Easter Sundays amazing dive!

Another success skipper! Looking forward to my next trip out!

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