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Due to a somewhat unexpected change in my personal circumstances necessitates the sale  (or possible reorganising) of the following holiday:

Depart Manchester 23 June 03 - evening flight
return 8 July 03 approx 6am.

Transfers,meal on plane, taxes included
2 weeks bed and breakfast at Hotel Odek in Ovacik, just outside Fethiye (European Diving Centre operate from Fethiye)
and just 10 minutes from the famous lagoon at Olu Deniz.

For 2 people(Adults)

Cost £450 -

Alternatively, if any one person wants a good holiday and plenty of warm water, excellent viz and doesn't mind sharing a room with yours truly then rather than sell the whole thing I could make a name change on the booking and it will cost you £200

Replies needed faily quickly folks!!!!

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