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"Three sheds"
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Bought 2nd-hand Olympus 5060 few years back.
One year later flooded it in fresh water
One year after that it stopped working.
Send it back to Olympus. "£87 to repair it" says they. "Ok" say I.
One week later: "Actually we can't repair it" say they. "Well what do we do?" say I. "How about a free refurbished one?" say they? "Bonza" says I.

About (I think slightly over) 6 months later it won't turn on. I had been using it in very heavy rain in Scapa. I send it back.

They repair the power module. They also check every other part of the camera, and send it back to me with a new 6 month warranty for everything. How much does this cost me? Absolutely nothing!

Hooray for Olympus!
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