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I need a new host for a website I maintain anyone got any recomendations. Price needs to be reasonable and yearly

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use just host with a bit of persuasion £1.95 per month payable however you want.

Unlimited everything. mail support
We use a company in the US and use a high capacity, high bandwidth scheme which is very affordable - good reliable service and you can call them for free on a 1-800 number which is free if you have skype - Fluid Hosting: FreeBSD and Windows Hosting

Very helpful - we have been with them years now after a fiasco with a UK company.
We use CS media and seem pretty good and cheap with it.
We use Scanhost, who I think are scandinavian, oddly enough! Very cheap, I think £30 a year for as many addresses and pages as we like. No idea how much space we get, but all our galleries are on it now.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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