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How do you like your steak?

  • Still Mooing

    Votes: 8 6.1%
  • Blue

    Votes: 18 13.7%
  • Rare

    Votes: 39 29.8%
  • Medium - Rare

    Votes: 35 26.7%
  • Medium

    Votes: 14 10.7%
  • Medium - Well

    Votes: 5 3.8%
  • Well done

    Votes: 10 7.6%
  • Cremated

    Votes: 2 1.5%

How do you like your steak??

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Hi all,

After a very long andboring night at work last night we started having a very long debate about the best way to cook steak.

I love my seak blue if i am cooking it myself and i know the steak is good quality but at work the general conclusion came to meduim-well is the best way to cook it!

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Blue is definately best. Numerous years ago, during the BSE scare, I ordered a Blue steak at a hotel in Leeds. I had to sign a waiver before they would let me have it. How pathetic is that.
Horns off, wipe its arse and put it on the plate.
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Medium rare for me thanks - with a side order of mushrooms please... oh and a dash of Worcester sauce ;)
Horns off, wipe its arse and put it on the plate.
Indeed walk it past the oven to the plate - a good vet should be able to get it going again ;)
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Blow its nose, wipe its arse, threaten it with the pan and slap it on a plate
Pan needs to be very very hot, couple of minutes each side so its very dark on the outside but rare in the middle for best flavour..

Dont forget your full bodied red to wash it down.

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Medium for me with a good pepper sauce half a beef tomato and a huge mushroom filled with blue cheese.
Right thats tomorrow nights T sorted!

I just thought that I'd add to this thread.

Last week I bought a whole fillet, 2.1 kilo and it was so nicely trimmed that I hardly took anything off it. £17 for the lot.

Spinnys at Senzo Mall, it's the future!
normally rare though if im in a decent place then blue
Just be be completely different and not pander to any fashion statement or trends ;), I like mine cooked through. With loads of horse radish, mayonaise and chips.
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Had Steak Tartare in Paris last year, lovely.

With a decent lump of meat 2 minutes max per side on a very hot griddle rubbed with a bit of butter, rosemary and garlic. Perfect.
normally rare though if im in a decent place then blue
i do it the other way around. if i'm in a decent restaurant, then rare. if i'm somewhere else, then blue because they always overdo it and i end up with rare.
Blue for me as well. I only really ever order steak when I'm in France as I've not been anywhere in years here that doesn't think what I really want is medium rare.

Sometimes though I do like a big chunk of meat that's had the shit cooked out of it on the outside over a wood fire. There's a Scottish guy in the south west of France who runs a "restaurant" who does it... well, by "restaurant" what I mean is every Friday and Saturday night he lights a big f**k off fire in a layby on the bank of the river Herault, shoves half a cow and couple of sheep over it, opens a keg of beer and a barrel of wine and gets a few plastic tables and chairs out the back of his van.
had a nice serloin steak the other day and it was well done !

if i cut steak and i can see any pink it goes back whence it came

well done always
I like mine cooked. Otherwise why bother the kitchen with it?

Its got to be blue I like meat to disolve in my mouth, not like a piece of leather that gives me jaw ache
ultimatly for me it dpeends on the STEAK and also the way it is beeing cooked.

if i am doing it with good quality sirloin then i preheat the oven to 120-130 then sear the meat (edges n all) in a hot frying pan then into the oven for 12 minutes. this gives me a nice rare edging to medium rare steak. with no blood.

rump i do for a little longer at a lower temp
fillet is in the oven for 8 minutres MAX after sealing.

served with a creamy pepercorn, ruby port and congac sauce mad with preferably fresh chicken stock, some nice rich (preferably dried) prtochini mushrooms, and shallots.

and seasoned to taste not to recipie.

a steak should not be bloody that meands the meat hasnt been hung properly.
Uncooked. On the rare occasions when I succumb to the temptation, I likes it raw and wrrrriggling! :) very thinly sliced and dressed with a light wasabi soy with finely grated ginger and sliced spring onions, by preference... Mmmm :-9
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