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Hi guys,

I bought myself a second hand custom divers umbillical to go to Scapa last September. (Those that were there know that the electronics failed on the first dive :(). Anyway, I've since bought myself a JMD and put the custom divers one in a box to forget about.

It now seems that my diving gear is "taking up too much space" so I spent some time replacing the electrics inside (including a whole new switch, which - I think - was the cause of the trouble). It's been on a couple of 15m dives with no trouble so is working ok.

I was wondering how much I should be selling it for now? This is the original spec:

> ST1-P5.0 Slimline Lamp
> 12V, 5 Amp Hour sealed lead acid battery pack
> 20-50 watt
> Depth rated to 150m.

The guy I've bought it off ran a 100W in it, and the bulb will light (although I haven't tested burn time). With a 50W it lasts approx 1.5hrs. I'll throw in a pony clamp to go with it as well (seeing as it's attached and I don't need it).

Will chuck up on eBay then with a discount for YDers :)

Cheers, Lloyd.
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