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<font color='#000080'>OK, I dive with 10 kilos with just my twin 6s (closest I can get to a single 12 I'm afraid) and no plate, no gubbins, just me and the tanks really, in a compressed neoprene suit.

WIth the twin 12s and SS plate I need about 6 kilos to be ok, 8 kilos to be comfortable with a far few stops to do at the end of the dive. I'd rather be slightly, and I mean slightly, overweight at the end of the dive so I can pop a bit more air in the suit to keep me warm for stops.

I'd reccomend you tart with 6kg, and work up. Depending on the tanks, plate and other gubbins you take with you, you could realistically need anywhere from 6-10 kilos.

Remember to set you weighting with only the stuff you'd have on for diving, leave off removable items that may go in an emergency (stages, torches, all the rest of it). If you are using steel stages, you'll find yourself more negative at the start of the dive, but byt he end of the ive or ifyou need to ditch them, they'll be neutral pretty much.

Oh, and I'm teaching my grandmother to suck eggs I'm sure, but do a check with your tanks empty. And I mean almost completely empty, sa the last thing you need when it's all gone horrendously wrong and you've got diddly squat left, or you've had a freeflow and lost it all, is not being able to hold a stop. I can handle an OOA buddy, but one that can't stay down is going to be a real pain.

Hope this helps.

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