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How to load a web page with the sound turned off.

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Is it possible to change a default setting on my PC so that all web pages load with the sound turned off to begin with?

Whilst trying to find a suitable triple D picture to add to DingDangDoo's b'day greeting I was greeted by some very loud non business like sounds reverberating around the office from my PC's speakers. :)

I have Planet Rock radio playing whilst I work so turning the speakers off is not the answer.
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Step 1 Click Start

Step 2 Go to Settings.

Step 3 Click Control Panel.

Step 4 Double-click on Internet Options.

Step 5 Select the Advanced tab.

Step 6 Scroll down to Multimedia.

Step 7 Deselect the check marks in the boxes next to Play Sounds

Step 8 Click OK.
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