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BUT to make up for it i went greenlaning around the south hams in my landy with a few from my 4x4 club.

if you have never tried it and know someone who does it go as a passanger its a laugh. its basicaly a bunch of ******** bouncing around rough tracks in 4x4s along what are legaly vehicle rights of way. but arnt paved and generaly in shocking states of repair.

we started with agentle little secion to the main road form the old smoky inn down to the totness road.

SIMPLES me thinks i cna handle this. no tight corners (always a factor in a 110 defender with a turning circle somewhat greater than that of the moons) reasonably firm under tyre sweet looks liek ti will be a fun day for all. no needing low range or a diff lock so gentle on the gears as well!

then we go back on to the nasty tarmack stuff for a jaunt to the main event.

now i dont go into seriouse silly offroading stuff because my landsy is somewhat elderly and with 280k miles on the clock it opays to be a little more gentle with it

so off we go to what i now know is one of the nastyer bits of greeen lane in south devon known as the devils stairs.

this isnt so much a lane as a bombed out trench with extra deep potholes.

so into 1st i go and have a bash at it. and FAIL miserably. Que lots of tyre smoke and me backing off to do the sensible thing which is engage the low rane gears and the differantial lock.

as i had been taking my time i had a little bit of an audiance wonderinh had i fallen over and could they laugh at me. unfortunatly for them i hadnt. sucha shame

so off i go and all i can say are thank god for rock sliders. because at one point that was the 3rd point of contact with the "ground" (2 drivers side wheels and a long metal bar) to which i reviced some aplause for making it up not just in style but also in what i have been told is a somehwat larger than average vehicle for the track. gits. batimse of fire my butt. more like tossed into the pot and charbroiled for an hour first.

personaly i blame to much wagner and not enough common sence. ride of the valkiries REALY makes me want to drive across large aspects of eastern europe in a large green thing.

we turn arounda tht etop and ave a go on the way down.

im no 3 vehicle and i get to the bottom and get told to back up. to let people past on foot which were the other drivers and passangers.

i hop out and am met by this view

yes the only other landy in the group had fallen over.

que everyone looking for phones etc to take pics as we decide how to get it back upright. (solved with the aplication of brute force and a winch )

off ee trot with the following landy being somehwat cautios from that point onwards.

we then hit the slightly saner tracks and off i belt having soem fun.

after we stop for a breather and a chat where the knowing eyes of the club say to me, err has your landy had a 2 inch lift kit fitted?cause it seems rather tall. i have no idea it may have but i have been told there are a few routes i cant join in on because i wont fit.

wehad been gooing along what i was told was a little narrower . now i have a bullbar and big tyres on my defender making it a smiginest on the wide side and im following a suzuki small thing.

the driver of that says. how the HELL did you get through that gap? it was atight fit for me and you atleast a foot wider? and about a mile longer

errrr brute force and ignorance. if the bars can fit so can i

onwards we truck into an even narrower part. where surfice to say i had to force myway through using the bars as a dozer blade and then climb over the resulting humps balanced on 2 inches of rubber.

on returning to the kick of point my landy looks like its been through a mudwash.

and i think i have the south hams on my side steps.

all in all an excelent way to spend an eveing. bouncing around and generaly having a giggle,.

beware of imitations
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Good read; nice to read about landies being used for something other than towing boats, horse boxes and delivering children to school in the London districts. Having done a bit of this I can vouch for it being excellent fun. Pity legislation a few years back wiped out our rights to drive many of the green lanes, but there are still a few legal ones left. Road taxed vehicle trials (RTVs) are also good! M.
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