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I know, about time...

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Hi All,

posted an entry in the 'Who am I and what diving do I do' thread a while back but realised I should be doing this so here it is...

Always loved the Cousteau documentaries as a kid but always thought that diving was something akin to being an astronaut! Then my boss in '99 asked if I fancied a few months on Oz, just about the same time a friend was trying to organise me a try dive with a mate. I didn't take long to say yes and had done my PADI OW and AOW at Bondi Beach within the first four weeks. The English and Scottish instructors were my mates for the two months in Sydney, loads of diving and 4 days on a GBR liveaboard at the end. Did little in the early part of the last decade - a combined drysuit and deep PADI speciality in Cornwall - and a wake-up call about being 'dived up'! followed by a trip to the Red Sea in '03 or there abouts, then joined my local BSAC branch, Ruislip and Northwood in '06.

I have definitely fallen into the 'diving is an addiction' camp since! I've progressed through Sports and Dive Leader and have started my Advanced though am more interested in following the tech path these days, just moved on to twin 12's from 15 plus pony and am hoping to do an accelerated deco and possibly trimix course in the not too distant future.

Type of diving I enjoy - every year I think I've gone as far as I think I'm comfortable with and each following year I seem to move on. Beginning of last year I'd never have dreamed I'd be joining the twinset bragade but here I am looking for a stage/deco bottle and a cheap VR3. And though I think I'm a little claustrophobic, I'm thinking some cave diving could be interesting. Yes, clear blue waters, 20m+ viz and 20 odd degrees temp is nice, but I've been hassling club members to join me at Wraysbury tomorrow! And looking forward to a trip soon up to Stoney to check out this new tug boat. Sad but true. I just love the experience of being down there... Next trip I'm booked on though we hope to get out to the Moldovia. Will be a biggie for me, 40m progression and the prospect of being 'knarked out me box' and am a bit nervous about it but at the same time very excited!

Don't know if financies will allow me to get out on more than the few club trips I'm booked on this summer plus a couple of local day trips each month but hope to meet some of you over the summer on a YD trip or two and certainly will on the MV Valkyrie in October - Hazel has been kind enough to offer me the position of deck hand for the month (thankyou thankyou thankyou :)) - just not so sure about this poo business...

erm, apologies about the verbose...

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