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now im rather spoilt, i get to dive basical FOC (bar a one off fee) from a hard boat many times a week.
which is nice, space for gear both wet and dry , a cabin, to get out of the wind, a seat and somewhere private to change, and a toilet all adds up to a rather relaxing time.

yet yesterday i had the pleasure of joining the bristol uni dive club for a local dive from one of the pair of zodiac squidgies they have.

i handnt dived from a zodiac before but i realised it was similar to diving from a rib. ie cold, not much space and no shelter.

yet i had a wonderful time, it realy was a barrel of laughs pottling about and for me reafirmed why i love club diving, the joking, the comunal aspect of kit. sharing of goodybags, and fins when my strap broke. and generaly just being fun. what diving is about.,

so thanks a bunch guys.
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